White Mountain Forensic Consulting Services specializes in review of medico-legal cases in both the criminal and civil arenas, providing literature searches and expert opinion when appropriate. Dr. Andrew is also available for workshops and lectures.

Medical records, autopsy reports, images and tissue slides, investigation reports, witness statements and other relevant documents may be reviewed with an eye toward rendering, when possible, a medical opinion regarding cause and/or manner of death as well as patterns and mechanisms of injury in persons living or dead.

With over thirty years of experience, having performed over 5,800 postmortem examinations and testifying hundreds of times, Dr. Andrew is prepared to lend your case the attention and critical eye for detail that it deserves.

A simple email will start the process and put Dr. Andrew in touch for an initial discussion of your case and needs. Reviews will typically require copies of medical records, autopsy reports with their associated images and microscopical slides, images, law enforcement reports with their associated images, witness statements, etc.

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Tissue Procurement

Occasionally, a client is in need of tissue for diagnostics which were not performed before death, DNA analysis or other purposes. WMFCS can procure and ship the appropriate specimens as directed.

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Forensic Autopsy

In rare instances, a complete autopsy may be requested for purposes of addressing forensic medical questions. All such postmortems take place on the campus of Concord Hospital in Concord, NH, thus requiring transportation of the deceased for examination. So-called “second autopsies” are not encouraged, but may be considered on a case-by-case basis.